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• Paraguay is the home to 6.3 million people
• Paraguay is 406,750 km2
• Paraguay is landlocked country surrounded by Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia.
• The Paraguay River runs right through the country flowing north to south.

Un bueno tiempo a ir a Paraguay es en decembre porque en Paraguay hace sol y no hay mucho llueve. El temperatura de Paraguay en el verano es calor. El clima en octobre-april es muy calor a 74°. Llueve mucho en la año. En el verano a llueve mucho. Hace frío en Paraguay en mayo-septembre. No hay volcán o desierto alrededor Paraguay pero hay una montaña a la derecha de Paraguay.

Usted tiene a fardo para el verano porque hace muy calor. Usted necesita corta pantalones y una pequeña camisa. Usted no hace necesita gorra o guantes, usted necesita gafas de sol y un traje de baño. Si su un chica entonces trae su falda, HACE CALOR! Trae sus sandalias y Gafas de sol para la playa.

Departure: Milwaukee
Arrival: Asunción, Paraguay
Price: $1517.28
$12.50 $12.50 $12.00

While you’re in Asuncion you can go to this hostel with the address of - Paris 1424, Asuncion, Paraguay - it’s just a nice air conditioned place with 4 beds and a secure large locker. While staying here you can walk to a popular park for running which is only 1 minute away. There is always a supermarket in walking distance - 3 minutes. There is an awesome Restaurant called Coreano Seul that I recommend eating at. This place has delicious food and it’s not over priced.

There are many great sites in Paraguay including the Ybicui. Here you can see many interesting items and can walk around the 5,000 hectare national park. Doing this you have the opportunity to see plant species, gigantic ferns, wild orchids, and some animals that are extinct in other parts of the world. This tour includes hotel pick up, guided tour, lunch box and excludes drinks, personal expenses, and tips .

In Paraguay saying the obviously hola is saying hello. Some gestures in Paraguay would be the thumbs up which would be anything positive or encouraging. In the U.S. many people wear sandals including men but in Paraguay you would most likely not see men wearing sandals nor seeing adults wearing shorts. Wearing light not professional clothing to work is okay in Paraguay because of the hot climate. Women are very similar in appearance because beauty is common in both the U.S. and Paraguay. One difference is that in Paraguay beauty is more of a have to have thing and they always wear a dress or a skirt.
Rural families in Paraguay usually just eat whenever and urban families eat as a family. This is how the U.S. is like because in some households you eat when ever or you will eat with your family.







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